Monday, November 21, 2016

Batman vs Superman Energy Shield Batman

BvS Energy Shield Batman

Sorry for the 2 month absence, I'm back, and I finally got my hands on new Batman merch!

Boy am I excited for this figure! I first saw it a few months ago at a Target store, and I love see-through clear plastic figures! For me it's very nostalgic and reminiscent of the Batman Forever era! No...the Kenner era in general! I love this figure!

This figure is a redeco of the Battle Armor Batman version that comes in the Toys R Us Batman, Superman vs Lex Luthor 3 pack, which I do not yet possess. It's Battle Armor Batman with a battle damaged chest plate and a removable helmet. The articulation is the same as with Battle Armor Batman, and it comes with his weapon, but it also comes with Heat Shield Batman's shield.

I love the blue removable helmet. The eyes are cut, so if you manage to push it still won't catch the white eyes of the Batman head underneath, but it still manages to look cool. I love the fact that the entire figure is cast in see-through red. The blue steel spray paint on the upper top of the figure gives it a really nice heat absorption effect, as if Supes was trying to melt him.

Again, there aren't a lot of poses you can pull off with the 6 inch BvS figures, but they still manage to look pretty cool. They are sturdy and durable. I'm still not a fan of the plastic cape because it's always wrinkled up and prone to tearing, but it's better than nothing. Anyways, I've only seen this figure in Target stores next to a clear blue Superman figure. I'd get it if I were you!

You can melt my heart, but you can never melt my HONOR!

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