Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Long Halloween/Dark Victory Catwoman

TLH/DV Catwoman

Those who know me know I am a huge fan of Catwoman. She, like The Joker is mysterious. We know she is Selina Kyle, but her past is mysterious, and she has more than one origin. She continues to be reinvented, and just like The Joker, she is an absolute presence in Batman's life, Gotham City and DC comics as well as general conscience. She is an important character in The Long Halloween, Dark Victory and the follow ups, because...well I can't spoil that for you. She is Bruce/Batman's foil, and she is more important than just a double love interest.

This is a very faithful adaptation from her comic book counterpart. She looks absolutely amazing and comes with character specific accessories, such as a headset and an electronic stethoscope. Interestingly enough, she does not come with her traditional whip!

I love the wrist jewelry! She is also one of the most articulated figures in the line along with Batman and Robin. Her card is Feb 14, and we all know what that stands for.

Something's going down over at the Falcone's penthouse...

Business first...pleasure later...maybe? No?

This is one of the best graphic novels ever, aside from The Dark Knight Returns, Year One and all the other works considered seminal. This was a great figure line and I really wish they had made more characters. Catwoman is very nicely sculpted, a perfect representation of how she appears in the novel. Highly recommended...like the rest of the line.

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