Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Long Halloween/Dark Victory The Mad Hatter

TLH/DV Mad Hatter

Just another freak assisting you know who, this one can control your head AND have you in a charming tea party with all manner of hypnotized characters.

Straight out of The Long Halloween, this is one of the most grim faced Mad Hatter figures I have ever seen, which is almost comical because of the way he holds a tea cup in one hand and a huge gun on the other. This dude isn't screwing around.

To him everyone is a potential lab rat, but to live in his delusion, a delight.

Don't mess with tea time though. Alice won't be proud.

One of his Alices was hanging out with Dick Grayson in Robin, year one and beyond. This was a mistake.

Made a sympathetic villain in Batman The Animated Series, this is a very dangerous, evil criminal mastermind. However he always seems to be working for someone...

Springtime sucks. Anyways, it's a nice figure with a lack of articulation (still wayy more than the BTAS/TNBA version as you will soon see). I wonder why they chose to make him instead of...say...Alberto Falcone or any of the more relevant bad guys in the story?

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