Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Long Halloween/ Dark Victory The Penguin And Robin

Long Halloween/Dark Victory Penguin

First off, let me apologize for not posting anything in a while. Last year I dedicated it entirely to dinosaurs, but then google deleted my dino review site because of some template error with no chance of recovering it. Batman vs Superman came out yesterday, and soon I'll be reviewing them, but I want to get finished with Loeb and Sale's excellent run of DC figures. So stay tuned and bear with me.

I don't really know why they decided to release Penguin and Robin in the same pack. I think it has something to do with size, but combined these two have more accessories than the rest, so Robin is a welcome addition, joining the next big gangster in Gotham.

The Penguin is a very nice figure, very detailed and an excellent 3d representation of his comic book counterpark, complete with rifle umbrella and a fishy grin.

I love all the tiny details this figure has, from the bird stain on his fuzzy jacket to the real chain on his monocle. It's just a fantastic figure. The jacker is painted in two tones, black and dark blue which adds texture.

Screw Zucco, the Maronis and the Falcones, right? We all know who the true king of Gotham is!

thgough not great in the articulation department, this figure has a lot of personality. He's comical as he is diabolical.


Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo. Batman's partner in justice is an orphan whose parents were callously murdered by the mob. Full of kid-like enthusiasm, Robin has come into Batman's life and joins him to help him rid of the evil that plagues Gotham. But everybody knows that!

This is a great figure. It would have been better if it had articulated knees and elbows, but that does not matter too much. This is a perfectly accurate, detailed form of Robin as seen in Dark Victory.

He has this imp like feel to him...he totally belongs in The Lost Woods in the Zelda games. He's full of expression. Angry, yet focused and still retaining his child like enthusiasm.

Shoulders are elbow jointed, and wrists are articulated so he can hold his fighting stick in a variety of different ways. His hair has shades of blue added which gives him depth and accuracy to his comic counterpart.

This never happened in the comic, but whatever. He's a bit of a badass in it, that's the only spoiler you're gonna get. Anyways, stay tuned for a few more Halloween figures! This is such a great line. I absolutely love them.

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