Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Long Halloween/Dark Victory The Joker

TLH DV The Joker

More like Christmas with the Joker. I must admit that this figure is horrifying and it scares the Bats out of me. I don't know why but the 3d version of this particular Joker is scarier than it is in the comics, where he's ugly but sort of...comical, especially in Dark Victory.

Now this line features mostly posed figures, and if y'all remember my rant about posed figures at the beginning of this blog, the Joker's is the most extreme, which is something that bothers me, but at the same time, damn he looks stylish. This is a very flamboyant, chaotic figure, and one of the best plastic representations of the Clown Prince of Crime ever. Anyways, it's not even Christmas!

A drawback to this figure is that his hat falls off too easily, as does the bag of presents, and that can be an annoyance...

Let's put a smile on their face anyone?

He's just so excited, it's a great time to take over Gotham City!

The eternal duel. Anyways, this is a fantastic figure. He's got a little bit of articulation, but it's kind of pointless unless he's...y'know, pointing at Batman. Speaking of which...


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