Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Long Halloween/Dark Victory The Batman

TLH/DV The Batman

The Batman. The Dark Knight. He, along with Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent tried to get rid of the mob in Gotham City. Only one of them succeeded, and it gave rise to the age of freaks. By the end of Dark Victory, it can be argued that Batman failed. But this isn't about his triumphs and failures. This is about the figure.

I told you about posed figures back in Legends of Batman, and the style is reminiscent of that era. The Long Halloween was released in the 90's in the midst of campy movies and campy, colorful action figures. The figure is newer though, and it is well constructed, just as Batman appears in the graphic novel. But it isn't...impressive. To me it's just another Batman figure. I don't know why... I'm not saying it's a bad figure. It's a great figure. It's just I wish he were more impressive...a bigger cape, a somewhat scarier demeanor...I just don't know. Maybe that's the point. Whereas the freaks captured their monstrous side better, this Batman is the most human figure of the line. He, along with Gordon are the most human figures of the line. Even Catwoman and Robin classify as freaks given the way they are sculpted, or maybe they were drawn that way.

Maybe it's the plastic cape that bothers me? I don't know, I just wish the cape were more glorious. It's very standard.

Again, great figure, comes with a boomerang attached to a line. It's pretty cool, but he always looks like he's about to throw something at you.

The Dynamic Duo looks good together though. This is a new era. Maybe they can both find peace by making Gotham a better place. I really wish they had done Alfred for this line.

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