Sunday, April 10, 2016

Blast Attack Batman

BvS Blast Attack Batman

Blast Attack Batman, otherwise known as Knightmare Batman can be also found in the Multiverse line with more articulation and more accessories, but this is the cheaper 9.99 version.

Batman and his nightmares. This figure is based on the "knightmare" he suffers in the second act of Batman vs Superman, where he has a vision of a dark future. I don't know but the idea of Batman in a trenchcoat and desert googles just gives him this...Star Wars kind of feel. Where have I seen trench coat Batman before? Anyone else get the Damien Wayne/Rorschach/Hush vibe here? Is this even Bruce Wayne? I dunno. For one of the "cheapo" figures, this figure is fantastically detailed, despite the stiff look and lack of articulation. It's really well done.

I'm unsure as to what the gun is, but it's not the gas canister gun as seen in the movie. Maybe a sonic gun?

The legs feel kind of stiff due to the figure's design and look. Now, I would take off the trench coat for picture's sake, but...I don't want to. The half side of his back is brown just like his neck bandana.

It is a fun figure. Batman is ready to fight the future!

Since not everyone has seen BvS, I would go on record saying that this may be the most important scene in the movie, especially the scene that comes afterwards. It has been controversial and much debated by the fans. I have my own theory, but I guess in time we will see what is really at play here. In the mean time...enjoy this beautiful lie.

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