Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DC Comics Designer Series Jae Lee Batman

DC Direct Jae Lee Batman

I reviewed everything BvS that I had, so we're gonna take a break while I go out and get some more toys. Tonight we will look at some more excellent DC Direct figures, except that these are modern! DC Direct has been expanding their Batman lines since we last looked at them (The Long Halloween/Dark Victory), and their quality has been getting better since the debacle that was Arkham Origins, which was famously plagued by quality problems. The Jae Lee series, inspired by the artist of the same name (New 52...I realize I have not read a single New 52 DC comic, shame on me, but I have looked at the art superficially) includes Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Superman and...I think that's it. We will not look at Superman or Wonder Woman as I do not collect non-Batman figures unless they were included in a Batman story as in BvS.

I had this figure MISB for the longest time. I bought it at a convention for basically nothing, which was a relief, and I was in the middle of graduating so I never had time to look at it. Once I opened this whoosh of awesomeness hit my face in a way that rarely happens. This might just be one of my favorite Batman figures ever. The art of Jae Lee is very interesting. I have been meaning to look at that Batman meets Superman story that came out two years ago I think? Looks like an bunch of books, but I'm sort of waiting for a collected version to come out. Boy, I really need to go into a comic book store, don't I?

Initially I thought this figure looked very stiff, but it is able to pull off a few poses and fight some enemies, which is pretty cool, but I did not want to explore the full range of poses as I had a Justice League War Green Lantern break on me the same day...

This is a very gothic, serious Batman. The sculpt is amazing, the texture is unlike anything I've ever seen, then again Jae Lee's artwork is very different from what I am accustomed to. The paint is really well done and I highly recommend it. Next up, Catwoman!

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