Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DC comics Multiverse Batman vs Superman Batman

DC Multiverse BvS Batman

The Batman. Taller than the mainstream 9.99 figure, for 20.00 you can get Batman vs Superman's Batman fully articulated. The box is a generic vessel for all Multiverse figures. Now for those who have collected Multiverse for the last...2ish years? Yeah, your figures just got taller. The Multiverse line always keeps changing scale, which hugely bothers me. I'm a scale fanatic, and these figures are trying to be as tall as DC Direct figures, which is ok, but they are even taller than the Movie Masters of times past. It really bothers me. I do like the inside of the box. Every BvS Multiverse figure comes with a part to build Batman's grapnel gun. The others have parts for the "Justice Buster", a huge Bat robot...thing I have not yet ready about in the comics (Yeah, I'm behind).

Well, $10 more for super articulation and a super stiff cape, as well as a golden base for the grapnel gun, and no other accessories...I don't know. The texture is nice, but I wish the silver was darker and not as shiny. But what really kills me is the lack of accessories.

It can pull off all the poses any modern superhero figure can, nothing new. Perhaps what bothers me about this figure is the lack of innovation. There is nothing new or special about it. The plastic cape really bums me out, but that is not new. I'm not saying it is a bad figure, it is just...nothing new. And it's a bit too big for the Batmobile. It's unnecessarily big.

May I borrow that? There we go. Case closed. These figures need accessories, and not BAF parts. Now, the grapnel gun is still oversized, but it works perfectly for the types of poses I want to do!

I should have added Adam West to this pantheon. Maybe I will.

The Bat of Gotham! Good figure, but for $20.00 it may be too much for some collectors.

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