Thursday, April 7, 2016

Batman & Superman Walmart Exclusive

Batman & Superman Walmart Exclusive

I love Exclusives, and this one is found at Walmart. I love the backdrop on the innards, and the back work just shows the two figures battling. It's titled "Batman & Superman" because Batman vs. Superman would have been oddly redundant...

Batman is a blue and grey repaint of Battle Armor Batman but done in The Dark Knight Return's deco, which I think is really awesome and it sort of looks better. Superman is a lighter repaint which continues with this TDKR theme. He's a repaint of Battle Shield Superman and comes with a silver shield instead of a gold one. Since I'm not going to review Superman figures, I might as well just review this one as it is my first mold of this particular figure.

It's a nice figure, but it doesn't really look like Henry Cavill in my opinion. It's a re-release of the 5 inch figures which were released as exclusives in some stores back when Man of Steel came out. If you recall, the line mainly consisted of tiny 3.75 figures and the Movie Masters line. The 5 inch figures usually came in box sets with big enemies if I recall correctly. I don't collect Superman much so I am uneducated about that particular line. Figure has cut shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, neck, and the elbows can rotate 360 degrees. His hands are huge! The cape is once again made of plastic, which really bothers me. Anyways, onto the battle, shall we?

"When they shine your light in the sky...don't go to it. The Bat is dead. Consider this mercy." "Do you bleed? You will..."

"You're not brave. MEN are BRAVE!"

Straight outta The Dark Knight Returns.

Had enough?

"Stand down! If I wanted it you'd be dead already!"

Ok so this is not going well at all...

Well that's it. If you wanna see how the battle ends either read The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller or go see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters now!

Identical to Battle Armor Batman, but with a TDKR deco that works really well. I just cannot help but love this figure over the other one. It just works with the figure.

For $15 only at Walmart (you're saving 5 bucks if you plan on purchasing Battle Shield Superman and Battle Armor Batman separately), this exclusive is highly recommended for fans of all ages. It is really fun and nostalgic for those who loved The Dark Knight Returns.

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