Monday, April 18, 2016

Grapnel Blast Batman Walmart Exclusive Blue version

BvS Walmart Exclusive Grapnel Blast Batman

If you go to WalMart you'll notice there are more blue Grapnel Blast Batmen than the normal black and gray version. They also have alternate Aquamans and Wonder Women. If you want to get the full scope see the review before this one as they are identical.

Identical in every way except that the T crotch, boots, gauntlets, cape and cowl are all blue instead of black. Oh and the grapnel gun is full black. I don't know if it's the camera flash but the gray is a bit darker than the former, truly giving it the The Dark Knight Returns look Walmart figures are going for (See Batman & Superman review for armored blue and grey Batman). If you are a completist, go ahead and look for this. Otherwise one or the other are just as good. Personally I like them both, as they give the collector a choice! Black and blue! Day versus night! Bat vs Bat!


  1. Actually, that blue one is KEEN..! Heh, Miller accurate like the armor stuff. Ben should've worn that rather than black/grey. Alas, Wal*Mart. They're absolutely gone from Germany... Must try 2nd hand online somewhat. WANNA !

    1. Good luck! I know this is a year too late, but Blogger doesn't let me see comments fast enough. Did you try ebay?