Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Batman vs Superman Battle Armor Batman

BvS Battle Armor Batman

"Do you bleed? You will..."

Welcome! I'm sure everyone has already reviewed the heck out of all these figures, but I finally got my hands on them! Now there's the Multiverse line which releases more detailed 6 inch tall figures, all made by Mattel, and then there's the main BvS line which consists of simpler figures that are 5 inches tall and come with few accessories and have up to 11 points of articulation, which is really not bad. I will review both Multiverse and BvS main figure lines, but the Multiverse figures will have both the Batman vs Superman AND Multiverse 6inch label when you look them up. Anyways, here we go.

Packaging is standard bubble packaging, I somehow feel like I'm back in the 90's. These figures are meant for younger collectors (not Playskool young) and the mainstream audience. These are clearly marked Batman vs Superman, but I feel like the Bat emblem takes relevance here, and BvS was, after all, a Batman movie. *ahem* personal feelings aside (remind me to send Zack Snyder a jar of Granny's Peach Tea), it was a fun movie, and here is the main star: Batman.

Straight out of BvS and to a certain extent The Dark Knight Returns, this is Batman in his Supermanbuster Armor (Hey, Tony has a Hulkbuster, no?). It's very nicely detailed, very nicely painted. I really like this figure except for the ridiculous plastic cape that has become a thing in the last couple of years. At least it flows better than a heavy plastic cape, but it bends really easily, and it can also rip really easily. Please, Mattel, if you are reading this, bring back nylon cloth capes.

Figure can rotate head, has cut shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and wrists, as well as neck. Kind of miffed at the figure not having a cut waist, but that's ok.

Figure comes with a grenade launcher, which is nicely detailed and fits in only the right hand as the left is a fist. Now, one thing I dislike about these figures is that they feel really has this soldier like feel. I could almost just army-build these figures and make them my new stormtroopers.

That's not saying they can't pose well!

This is a very nice figure and it should be easy to find. Great figure for taking a beating, which will be required for dealing with Kryptonians! Now, the 6inch multiverse one is probably somewhat better. I'm already seeing variations to this figure, and I will be reviewing them eventually as I get them. Anyways, a nice start to the line. I will focus mostly on Batman figures, don't expect me to deal too much with Superman unless I have to...

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