Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn

DC SHG Harley Quinn

"Harley Quinn is unorganized and unpredictable, but she is also fun; and even though her classmates don't always "get" her humor, she never stops trying out new material in them, Harley loves being the center of attention even if it means acting like a clown. Super Powers: Expert Gymnast, Acrobat, Quick Witted."

Harley Quinn in cutesy form! She is one of the good guys once again in this re-telling of the DCU.

Heh, I forgot to take a picture of her back side. She comes with her signature mallet, and her face looks a bit less manic as she does on the DC SHG media, which is kind of a letdown but also kind of cool. Mild Harley is definitely welcome especially when you fry your brain watching all the DC SHG mini videos on the website.

This is such a great figure, highly articulated, expressive and she can hold the mallet with both hands! I just love all her colors.

She can also hold her balance when done right. Then again, she is an expert gymnast and acrobat! I wonder who else has this skill in DC SHG...Not Ivy, I can tell you that!

Another wonderful addition to the line, Harley is ready for all sorts of trouble, though she'd rather cause some chaos instead.

Harley and Ivy foreva!

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