Thursday, April 14, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Barbara Gordon

DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Barbara Gordon

"Batgirl is a tech genius and an amazing detective. Even though she doesn't have super powers in the traditional sense, Batgirl is an amazing problem solver that never gives up. She always pushes the limits beyond what anyone expects of her. Super Powers: Computer Genius, Expert Martial Artist, Photographic Memory, Legendary Detective Skills."

Get your cape on! And heads up because Batgirl is the rare one in this line!

Naturally she is a fan favorite. I have no idea if she is shortpacked or what's going on here, but I really couldn't find her. By the way. Have I mentioned how awkward I feel when I walk through the doll toy aisles? Well technically I'm always walking through doll aisles...But enough about that. Batgirl is awesome! Highly articulated, comes with a removable hood and removable bat shaped backpack. Her outfit is a mix of Batgirl of Burnside with some Robin thrown in and some Batwoman as well. It's interesting, but I really wish they had given us a more traditional outfit or just...Batgirl of Burnside. But don't forget this is also Barbara Gordon: The Ultimate Batman fangirl.

She has excellent articulation like the other two and can even hold her balance on one foot! What a great figure. She is visually interesting, and she has green eyes like Ivy, too!

I wonder if they are going to do Livewire or Silver Banshee as recently seen in Supergirl's TV show...I mention this because if y'all remember "Girl's Night Out" was a TNBA episode that featured a team-up between Batgirl and Supergirl and they took down Livewire, Harley and Ivy. It was a fun episode. Might as well since the DC Super Hero Girls Cartoon has mixed in villains like Cheetah and Killer Frost into the mix. Livewire is relevant again, so why not put her in this line? I sincerely hope this line expands. It is very fine and better than the BvS figures we are seeing on stores (not to say they are bad, but 9.99 super articulated figures vs. 9.99 variant brick like Batmen is a REALLY GOOD DEAL...)

Sorry for kicking your green butt back there. Friends? Let's not let this end like Batman and Robin where I tell you you give women a bad name because I'm a rebellious conformist etc etc...

DC Super Hero Girls Forever! Really, highly recommended. This is the best Mattel product related to DC out right now. Do not miss out. These three are excellent action figures, great for fans of all ages.

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