Sunday, April 17, 2016

Grapnel Blast Batman

BvS Grapnel Blast Batman

Back to Batman v Superman stuff! Grapnel Blast Batman is essentially The Batman in this price and size line.

The Batman! Batfleck! For a 6 inch figure with limited articulation (says someone who reviews figures with 5 points of articulation), it is really nice. The boots and gauntlets are nicely textured, as is the head and the outfit. I really wish they had given all of these figures white eyes instead of the "humanizing" pupils, though it is an interesting line because it recognizes that Batman does not really have those white eyes on all the time. It's also odd because while Ben Affleck has brown eyes, Bruce Wayne has blue eyes. Who cares. The plastic cut cape is absolutely hideous and I hate it how bent they come out of the package.

For someone who has been collecting Batman figures for 20+ years, these figures feel like a nice return to the past. I personally wish they were 5 inches tall instead of 6, but I go back to my 8 year old self and can't help but think how awesome these figures are. I mean yeah, most collectors are taken aback by those Mafex figures and ultra articulated figures, but for those of us who are still 8, these are pretty cool. And they get cooler too, but let's just get this out of the way...

The famous grapnel gun is this figure's accessory, and it actually comes in two colors. It looks pretty cool running around with it! I've always argued that Batman's superpower is his grapnel gun...I can't help but feel it belongs in the hands of the Multiverse super articulated version though. Back then my 8 yr old self would have wanted an actual working grapnel gun (believe me I got plenty of Combat Belt Batman grapnel cannons to go around), but this just looks so good!

The Batman. I think that this is a great figure, it returned me to the 90's except for the fact that it should have a nylon clip on cape or a removable cape...But it's a fun figure for all ages. He does come in blue and grey too! That will be our next review, and more on the Multiverse one afterwards, as he is now the actual holder of the grapnel gun!

*roboty scary voice* "That's mine now...Go get Marthaaa!!!"

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