Thursday, May 12, 2016

Batman vs. Superman Epic Strike Batmobile

BvS Epic Strike batmobile

Ten bucks if you enjoy the nostalgia in the last picture. Anyways, this is the BvS Batmobile, or as I like to call it, the Murdermobile or Death Sled. It was a cool part in the movie, regardless of how you feel about Batman's actions in that scene (SPOILER ALERT, he kills a lot of people). The packaging is minimalistic and environment friendly. There's no instructions and easy access. The pictures on the back are instructions enough. All you have to do is unhook these plastic drills, and your Murdermobile will be free!

Mattel mainstream Batmobiles have utilized cheaper builds in the last few years. Gone are the days of more complex Bat vehicles built by Tonka. But for $20, this really is not bad at all. It's a bit of a "chibi" version of the BvS Batmobile, and as the back of the box says, it's got speed, style and mega action! It drives very fast even on carpet! It drifts easily, and it's very nicely detailed!

I'm thanking God and Mattel right now. They have a history of creating bat-vehicles with molded in figures and no actual cockpit where you can't fit figures in. I'm a big fan of being able to fit your own figures into your own vehicles, and for those who make Barbie dolls and accessories (and numerous vehicles), it seems ridiculous that there was a time where they didn't seem to care, but this seems to be only with flying vehicles (The Bat-TIE fighter from The Batman rings a bell, and a lot of The Batman vehicles...ugh). This is very nicely detailed, you can tell it's a Batmobile, but it follows this post modern design where utility is more important than looks, as it was in the 90's with the sexy Batmobiles. It's heavily armored, but it also has this "flexibility" component to it. The spoilers are very conservative. Think of it as a "sleek tumbler". And then there's the controversial guns up front. They serve an important function, and it's not just shooting Kryptonite missiles. The launcher does not turn 360 degrees though! That's a bit of a let down. This Batmobile will fit in pretty much EVERYTHING as it was made for 6 inch tall figures, which is AWESOME. You can fit multiple figures in it, but for now let's just focus on the line's 6 inch Batman figure. The taller Multiverse figures will not fit. They are too tall!

The Batmobile actually makes the figure look bad somehow. Must be the weird lighting. He looks really big next to it because those figures are 6 inch tall.

The cockpit has nice colorless details inside and on the back of the lid. The glass panels are very opaque and let almost no light inside and out. Again, practically everything fits in there, but Batman is tricky to seat due to the stupid plastic cape. Movie moment time!


So after incinerating a bunch of people, Batman find himself face to face with the one man he is actually trying to murder.

He crashes onto him, and that leads the almost indestructible vehicle to skid into a gas station. The Murdermobile has these blast off panels that are pushed out via clever engineering and striking the front turrets at high speed. Reminds me of Jurassic Park vehicles from yesteryear and their dino damage capabilities, with the fact that once you turn the Batmobile upside down with the panels on, they will fall out. The panels attach very weakly on, but surprisingly stay on when the vehicle is being pushed around. Many collectors will probably just glue them on. Reminds me of the Batmobile Batmissile as the sides would pop out without warning some times (the gears on the latter are all rusty and crumbly so now you have to PULL them out, but this is a review for later). It's kind of cool though because for the first time we got an opportunity to open up a Batmobile and check its engine without having to pull a Batman Forever. So what's under the hood?

The engine is extremely nicely detailed and painted in a shiny silver. Pushing the panels out also make the cockpit raise up, but this whole "dino damage" bit is just reenacting the film. Aaahhh, the car smells like vintage now. But really check out the detail on that engine! Man oh man! When it is in the box, the engine tops are tied down by a rope and some plastic attachment. It's gonna be tricky getting it out. If you're smart, you'll just leave it on and pretend the black rope is "tubing" or something. This thing was designed to be well packaged, too.

"When you see your signal lit up in the sky, don't go to it. The Bat is dead. Consider this mercy.

"Do you bleed?"

"you will..."

Since armored Batman can't take care of the problem, the Murdermobile definitely will. How about that, Superman? Kryptonite canister shaped missiles! My sister said the green missiles were off putting and just plain weird, especially when comparing it with the other movie Batmobiles.

See what I mean? The bright lights make the neon bits look ridiculous. I should have taken this with the missiles out. But dang don't they look nice together? They are all roughly in the same scale, though the 60's Batmobile might be a bit too big. I apologize for the messy dusty look on them, I haven't cleaned around in a while. Even Harley fell out. AaAAaanyways, for $20 this Batmobile is highly recommended if you own all the other Batmobiles. But it is a very cool, new aesthetic. All Batmobiles are always controversial. We always go back to the Burton Batmobile or the Lincoln Futura from yesteryear. I've got 10+ Batmobiles from all eras, all shows, etc. Yes, they all fit in figures. I don't buy a Batmobile that won't fit a figure in. And I have learned to appreciate their aesthetics. Even with their murdering guns. For $19-$24 this is highly worth it. Go buy it if you can. I can't tell you how fun it is. They are all fun, and the cheap feel makes it durable as heck. Just don't expect to go to a Goodwill store and find the missing bits 10 years from now!

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