Sunday, May 29, 2016

DC Comics Multiverse Batman Vs Superman Bat Creature

BvS Multiverse Bat Creature

*SPOILERS AHEAD* If you have not seen BvS, stop reading. If you have seen BvS, collect superhero figures, and are here, reading this, then you, as well as everyone who collects superhero action figures are wondering the same thing I am. Why on God's Green Earth would Mattel make a figure of a non-character that appeared for ONE second in Batman vs Superman? Why not give us Lois, Alfred, or even Superman's pal Jimmy? This makes me want to scream MARTHAAAAA!

The figure comes with the bigger barrel.

MARTHAA!!! Ok I'll stop. Uh. This "gargoyle" is totally unexpected. It's not even a character in the film. This represents a monster that lashes out at Bruce when he was dreaming about his mother's tomb. I really loved all of Bruce's bits in Batman vs Superman, even the controversial bits. The gargoyle definitely scared me though the first time I saw the film. I remember it being a lot darker in the movie though. While unexpected, the figure is actually really cool. I'm just going to pretend it's this particular universe's Manbat, or Batman from Earth 666...something like that. If the figure were darker, it would be difficult to notice all the details. I hate to say it, but this is unfortunately my favorite BvS Multiverse figure. Still missing Alfred though!

This is a frightening figure. It does have this inviting face though. This is probably what drunk Batman sees in the mirror. This is what he wants to become, so if you begin to think about it, this is actually just another Batman figure, just a very unorthodox one. If I were to analyze the dream sequence, this would be THE Batman pulling Bruce Wayne into his parents' tomb, into his grief, making him into the monster that he is. This is the essence of Batman.

Like most Multiverse figures, this figure has an amazing amount of articulation. It is a bit difficult to stand up, especially with those backwards curved toes. It reminds of the aliens from Independence Day, as they had the same backwards turned toes. Bats have 5 toes on their hindlimbs though. Certainly this is a bit strange. Either way, the figure is able to pose in many ways, which makes it great.

The backwards turned toes allow it to hang upside down from a rocky surface, or a string. This is how I plan to display it as this is the only way it'll stand without a standee or a wall behind it. The joints are tight, so if articulated just right, it can stand easily. One can always articulate the toes outward, but it doesn't look as unsettling. I absolutely love the possibility though. This is a really well done figure.

AM I TOO SOON? GOD I AM TOO SOON! Wait that's Flash's line...

What I dislike about this figure is the wings. They are removable, but they are not articulated and there is nothing one can do with them. I never watched Gargoyles as a kid, but I was familiar with them and the storyline. This is what a remake of Gargyoles would look like. It also looks like Xavier, the archangel...somewhat. I think this creature and Batman make a really good team though, ready to take down THE BELLS CANNOT BE UNRUNG!!!!!!!!DINGDINGDINGDINGDINNNNNGGGG!!! Seriously, get this figure. It's the best one in the line-up, and a weird surprise. I don't like surprises, but this was a weirdly pleasant one.

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