Monday, May 2, 2016

DC comics Multiverse Batman vs Superman Knightmare Batman

Multiverse BvS Knightmare Batman

We reviewed Blast Attack Batman, the $10 Knightmare version of Batman with less articulation, and I thought it was fun, but for $20 you can get a figure with...only better leg articulation, and some Batarangs to be used by the Multiverse Batman, or whatever Batman you choose. This is NOT an improvement, and the barrel for the Grapnel Gun is NOT worth it. Let's see, shall we?

Like Blast Attack Batman, the trenchboat really limits the movement, but it's worse here. The barrel, and the batarangs are NOT an improvement. This is exactly the same figure but slightly better painted and taller. The googles are different colored than the former's. I'm not saying it's a bad figure, it's just that $10 for a figure I already own, it's kind of unnecessary except for the barrel and the batarangs. C'mon, he doesn't even come with his movie rifle! He doesn't even use batarangs in the knightmare sequence.

See? It's exactly the same figure! More paint apps, better proportions (the small figures all have boxing gloves...), better yet useless leg articulation, and as you can see the elbows BARELY bend at all, again, due to the trenchcoat mold. Ok, fine it's a step up, but I am really pissed off about the elbow articulation, it's extremely limited and he can't hold a rifle in any way, shape or form. So let's steal Blast Attack Batman's...blaster, shall we?

Looks better...somewhat. At least he can still hold stuff as the other hand is a fist, which is useless when you don't have free arm range. Heck, the $10 figure has better arm elbow range.

Well, he can still pose like he's sneaking around, but if you remember, this was the movie's second biggest lone Batman fight scene. I don't know. Maybe I'm just feeling the whole "I've got it already so another version is never gonna be better"... Hello? Have you been reading this blog? For $10 more I should not just get a couple of batarangs, some random freaking piece and slightly better articulation. He can't even turn his waist. The elbow articulation is just pathetic (can still turn 360 degrees around, but it doesn't matter unless you wanna twist his arm in combat). Both figures are nice as they are, but this, being the premium, should have more...wayyy more to offer than the $10 one. Pass unless you need the barrel or the Batarangs.

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